Metalsub XRE850-R LED Handheld Torch
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Metalsub XRE850-R LED Handheld Torch

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The Metalsub XRE 850-R is a handheld rechargeable dive light emitting 850 lumen in a tight 10° beam that is excellent at penetrating the dark for long distances or for cutting through the murk in low visibility conditions.

Metalsub handheld torches are as carefully designed,built and as strong as their cablelights and they are even easier to use. The XRE850-R has an anodised aluminium body that protects the internally charged battery to a maximum depth of 100m

The battery provides enough power for a burn time of 90 minutes at maximum power and the torch includes various output levels, warning signals and also another 6 hours fading light.

The XRE 850-R is supplied with a charging cable and a semi hard case to keep everything in.


Luminous flux: LED 8W 850 Lumen / 5500 K
  • Reflector beam:10° (spot)
  • Burn time:90 minutes, than 6 hours reducing intensity
  • Variable light power:(25% - 50% - 100%), strobe signal and S.O.S.
  • Weight above water:approx. 400 gram
  • Weight under water:approx. 220 gram
  • Size:Ø 45 x 200 mm length
  • Maximum operating depth:100 metres
  • Internal charging
  • Charging Time:5 Hours
  • Including MP400 charger